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Scott Gildner is recognized as one of the most experienced professionals in the HR sourcing advisory industry. His reputation for knowledge, creativity and discretion has earned him the respect of not only his clients, but also his peers throughout the service provider community.

Scott specializes in helping clients maximize the value of their human resources outsourcing relationships. Scott also helps service providers develop, expand, or protect their HR-related business strategies via alliances, acquisitions, or outsourcing.

Scott provides advisory services working as a sub-contractor for a variety of consulting firms who utilize his unique skills. He also performs consulting engagements directly for clients via his own firm, Gildner Consulting.

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Gildner Consulting LLC
Scottsdale, Arizona
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"My objective is to help clients maximize the value of their outsourcing relationships."
Scott Gildner, Principal
Gildner Consulting LLC of Scottsdale, AZ is a leader in Human Resources Benefits Outsourcing consulting services,providing valuable advisory services to many companies across the USA which result in a reduction of costs associated with implementation of employee benefits.